Q1) My car engine stalled and cannot restart # months after I started bought it. The dealer refuses to admit that my car is defective despite being told of its current condition. Can I ask for a replacement or refund?

Ans: If the malfunction is reported within 6 months of handover, the dealer must prove (ie. evaluation) that the vehicle is defect free. If the car is defective, the dealer must be allowed to arrange a repair or replacement within reasonable time frame, failing which to offer a full or partial refund.


Q2. I cannot find a car dealer’s name in your web listing. Can I seek MIDReC assistance for any related dispute?

Ans: Regrettably, MIDReC cannot handle complaints that involve a non-accredited motoring business. You may still consult Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for such a scenario.

Q3. Can I get a deposit refund if I cancel a car sale agreement?

Ans: In general, your deposit will be forfeit if you cancel the agreement after a successful loan application or COE bidding (if applicable). Please read its terms and conditions carefully before making such a decision.

Q4. Can I visit a workshop of my choosing if my car malfunctions?

Ans: If the car has a warranty, please visit the dealers recommended workshop.

Q5. Where can I find information regarding the Lemon Law?

Ans: For information about the Lemon Law, you may consult CASE (6100 0315) or refer to this MTI advisory.