MHG Motor Cars

MHG, a new age automotive retailer, believes in providing stable and reliable automotive concierge services. With the support of established working partners HYPER and MONEYMAX Leasing, we work closely to leverage on the scale and offers the best car services ranging from car sales support to financing and insurance solutions.

At MHG, we don’t stop at the purchase, we value what’s after. Beyond the traditional focus on retail experience, we have broadened the focus to the provision of a superior car ownership experience for our clients. Reliability is a business imperative at MHG. Our mission is to ensure that each customer leaves the showroom knowing that we will be by their side throughout their journey as a car owner. We want our customers to enjoy the ride, experience the ownership.

Unlock magnificent lifestyle perks on our an MHG Car Club, an exclusive members-only club that gives you access to premium car concierge services, turning your simple buy-and-drive-off  idea of owning a car into an experience that’s nothing short of regal. Our advance Customer Relationship Management System allows our customer to receive notifications on road tax and insurance renewal and have access to details related to their cars such as servicing, warranty, etc.


24 Leng Kee Road
#04-02A/B/C Leng Kee Autopoint
Singapore 159096

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8 Jul 2023